Canción a la Morrigan

Esta es la letra de una canción que yo compuse para la Morrigan para mi dedicación. Por el momento esta en ingles pero ya la traduciré al español, se las dejo para aquellos que quieran alguna referencia para crear la suya propia o para una invocación.



Fearless lady, frenzy, fury

words of whispering in our ear

blasting of power, giver of strength,

forseer of all mysteries.


Inspire us in battle, push us foward

let us go further our fears

Conquer our weakness, rise our spirits

with honor we fight under the


Dark crow of battle, we hear your cry

fill us with courage, give us your sight


Phantom queen lady, ride your chariot

as your power reach unto us

guide us through darknessm through our battles

take us on fly over your wings


Lady of Unius, bridge between worlds

grant we with our victory

queen of our people, guardian of Ireland

bestower of soverginity


Dark crow of battle, we hear your cry

fly over our heads, be our guide


Green queen of fairies, ancient mother crow

alive through ages, pumping in the earth


Red haired maiden, teacher of warriors

guide us to you, encourage our souls

when near my death, clean my armor

and my sword washer of the ford


Guide us through treesholds, deep into your realms

singing on my ear, and guide on my soul.


Red haired maiden took on my soul,

red haired maiden fly on my soul.



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